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Out of all Hindu deities, Lord Shiva is extremely popular not only amongst Indians but also amongst the people of other nationalities. To get closer to their revered God, who appears on this earth in the unique form of an Ice Lingam, millions of devotees trek through the daunting mountains to Shri Amarnathji Shrine in South Kashmir every year in the summer months to pay obeisance. The Shrine is managed by Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board (SASB), that was constituted by an Act of the Jammu & Kashmir State Legislature in 2000 with His Excellency the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir as its ex-officio Chairman. The Amarnathji Shrine Board is responsible for the better management of the Shri Amarnathji Yatra, upgradation of facilities for holy pilgrims and matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. Assisted by a Chief Executive Officer who is a senior IAS officer and eight distinguished Board Members, the board is constantly working towards making this journey the most cherished one.

Role of the Board:

The following roles and responsibilities have been assigned to Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board (SASB) as per section 16 of the Act:

To arrange for the proper performance of worship at the Holy Shrine.
To make arrangements for the safe custody of the funds, valuable and jewelry and for the preservation of the Board Fund.
To undertake developmental activities concerning the areas of the shrine and its surroundings.
To make provision for the payment of suitable emoluments to the salaried staff.
To make suitable arrangements for the imparting of religious instruction and general education to the pilgrims.

To undertake for the benefit of worshippers and pilgrims:

  • The construction of buildings for their accommodation
  • The construction of sanitary works; and
  • The improvement of means of communication
To make provision of medical relief for worshippers and pilgrims
To do all such things as may be incidental and conducive to the efficient management, maintenance and administration of the Holy Shrine and the Board Funds and for the convenience of the pilgrims.

Composition of Shri AmarnathJi Shrine Board

1 Shri N.N.Vohra,
His Excellency the Governor, J&K
2 Sri Sri Ravi Shankar,
Hon’ble Member, SASB,
21 KM Kanakapura Road, Bangalore SouthTaluk, Karnatka-560 062                                                 
3 Dr. Kapila Vatsyayan
Hon’ble Member, SASB,
Life Trustee & Chairperson, IIC-Asia Project,
40-Max Muller Marg, New Delhi-110003
4 Shri Vijay Dhar,
Hon’ble Member, SASB,
178, Golf Links, New Delhi-110003         
5 Dr. Ved Kumari Ghai,
Hon’ble Member, SASB,
15/2, Trikuta Nagar, Jammu
6 Pt. Bhajan Sopori,
Hon’ble Member, SASB,
Block -21,H.N0-79,
Lodhi Colony, New Delhi-110003

Ms. Sunita Narain,

Hon’ble Member, SASB,

Centre for Science and Environment,

41-Tughlakbad Industrial Area, New Delhi-110062


Shri D. C . Raina
Hon’ble Member, SASB


Dr. Chander Mouli Raina,
Hon’ble Member, SASB,


Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty
Hon’ble Member, SASB


Officers of Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board

1 Shri Umang Narula, IAS CEO
2 Shri Bhupinder Kumar, IAS Addl. CEO
3 Shri Pankaj Anand, KAS Dy. CEO
4 Shri Parshotam Kumar Sharma Dy. CEO
5 Shri Verinder Slathia Dy. CEO

The Shrine Board has made ambitious plans for effecting improvements in facilities for the pilgrims.

These are:

Barbed wire fencing with search lights at each camping site.

Basic amenities like toilets, shelters with benches have been provided at intervals of 2-3 Kms.

First aid, eateries, medical facilities at each camping site.

A helicopter service from the Base Camps to Panjtarni (about 6 Kms from the Holy Cave)

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